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Deep Techno House Minimal – Welcome dear music lovers!

This is a simple website to talk, share with you and inform you about my / our (with Slapshot) music. If you’re searching for a producer / liver /remixer with more than 10 years of experience in Deep House / Deep Techno / Tech House or Techno music, you are well landed.

After so many years to make the dance floor moves with our (The Badgers) darker techno sound, I’ve create my own musical project to explore the deep and funky side of my productions.
Therefore here I will often post my new deep techno or deep house releases of Spotify and creation of Soundcloud here and keep you up-to-date with what I’m creating.
This site is a sort of playground to try lot of new things. In other words I’m sure it will be very interesting in a near future.
At last but not least, I will try to make some music clip to use the visual ideas that are continually growing in my mind.

Please check the

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Firstly, to have the detail of the projects Nasty Preacher and Nasty Preacher vs Slapshot.

Secondly,  one of the last release is Die Berge a deep house creation with my buddy Slapshot. It’s a travel from the deepest of the mountains to the top. It gives you the feeling to flight over the Alps. These tracks are already released on Beatport, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play and so many other platform. Thanks to the brazilian label Groove Division. In this release there is an amazing remix of our mate M.I.T.

Listen and enjoy!

It’s free, for your pleasure. We are proud to reach 1000 followers on Facebook. It’s a deep gift for this occasion. You can freely download this track on Soundcloud. The main theme of this deep house / deep techno music is about the time that goes so fast for everybody. When you’re at the party enjoying the sound and it’s almost the end, you’ll have this feeling. If you like please leave kindly a comment on this one.
In conclusion, You can follow me / us on Soundcloud too. Send us a message, I will happily answer, if you’ve some question.
We are open for remixes request too.

Have a nice day people!

deep house techno producer